Daikaiju Team Alpha No. 1 (Second Printing)

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- by JB Roe (@mortcrimpjr) and Erik S. Gutierrez (@schneiderik)

Mecha Kaiju Star Trek

"It's unknown if they came from the farthest reaches of our galaxy, or if they've been here all along. What is for certain, is shortly after Deep Space Team Alpha returned from their decade long mission into unexplored space, monstrous creatures began emerging from deep within the Earth. At first they were small, but as time went on, they grew so massive a specialized force had do be created. This new "Daikaiju" division was tasked with the protection of our planet and its citizens. Its most elite members make up the crew of the most advanced mechanized defense vessel on Earth, Daikaiju Team Alpha."

20pg 4-color Risograph. Black, Blue, Fluo. Pink, Yellow
Edition of 250