Daikaiju Team Alpha No. 2

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- by JB Roe (@mortcrimpjr) and Erik S. Gutierrez (@schneiderik)

While performing a routine mineral survey on Mars, Science Team Delta is sent an urgent message: Earth is under attack by a towering monster, and it's protector, Daikaiju Team Alpha, has been defeated. With Daikaiju Team Beta several hours away on Triton, it's up to a child prodigy captain, kaiju-hybrid scientist, rookie pilot, head-strong engineer, and faint-hearted security chief to stop the creature and save San Fransisco from destruction. After failing to capitalize on a weakness in the Kaiju's armor, Science Team Delta finds itself damaged, dismembered, and desolate...

20pg 4-color Risograph. Black, Blue, Fluo. Pink, Yellow
Edition of 250